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The Rise Of Powerful Companies

Sep 29,2020.

The Rise Of Powerful Companies

As the autumn coming,our general manager Lester share the lesson of《The Rise Of Powerful Companies》

The competition of enterprises is not only products,but also the models of business.

Therefore,how to choose the suitable and excellent business models is the most important.

The key point of models of business is to use their core capabilities to maximize the value of their final customers.

Lester introduce of three part of how to be a powerful company.

1*which kinds of company can be called powerful companies.

2*how to transform and upgrade to promote the rise of Liffy.

3*how to realize the transformation and upgrading.

After the learning of course,Lester guide students to discuss about the products,markets,customers and combine with the reality situation of our company,The groups presented their opinions after brainstorming.

Each groups all take positive part in the discussion,and team leader to gave their views.

At last,Lester had the conclusion that we were ought to guide by the maximization of customer value,and improve product,R&D,sales,lead time,quality,service and so on.

All the managers have a same target and direction,broaden their thinking to make their effort to speed up the development of company.

keep learning to enrich themselves,speed up the rise of Liffy.

We are looking forward to the next lesson.

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