• Halloween Decor You'll Love  in 2020 -Liffy
    Oct 28,2020.

    Halloween Decor You'll Love  in 2020 -Liffy Halloween is coming soon. Today we would like to introduce the best and new Halloween Decor items for you. Liffy has over 30 members of R&D department,10 members of designers,they catch up the popular trend,design the hot popular Halloween decor. Liffy aims to provide the unique designs and high quality for you. If you have no idea of the Halloween decor, you can click  our website home page to find the Halloween decor. You can click the link to directly find Halloween decor items. Here we would like you to have attention on. There is some of our new arrival Halloween designs.If you are interested in ,you can leave your message or contact us. We will reply you within 24 hours. We have over 60 new Halloween designs,please contact us for the catalog. Thank you. See you next week.

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  • How to learn more about Liffy?
    Oct 21,2020.

    How to learn more about Liffy? Liffy Houseware Co.,LTD,founded in 2004,expert in manufacturing home&garden decor,solar decor,holiday decor. 25000 ㎡ workshop,16 years experience,long cooperation with Hobby Lobby,Big Lots,ISO,CE&BSCI certificate. We have our own R&D department,they can design anything you want.OEM is avaliable. Our products cover bird feeder,bird bath,wind chime,water fountain,plant stand,glass plate,wall decor,pot hanger. If you are interested in decoration,you can contact us to learn more. There is a easier way to learn about Liffy. You can follow up Liffy social account to learn more and get newest information. Twitter:// Instagram: Pinterest: Linkedin: Facebook:

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  • Learn sales skills,professional service.
    Oct 13,2020.

    Learn sales skills,professional service Liffy Houseware Co.,LTD aims to offer best and efficiency service. Every week, Liffy will hold an learn meeting for improve members's comprehensive capability. Happy learning,self-improvment. This week,sales representative Alieen shared her experience on customer transaction. She shared several skills on how to be a professional sales,from the details of response of email,have a dialogue with clients. She prepared the questions for members-Will contest. The team selected that the first place wins the prize. In the end,general manager had a conclusion. He said that if you want it,you will find way to do it.Learn more,build up yourself,not only will you become friends and works partnerships with customers,but also improve your comprehensive ability. Don't stop learning. If you have anything want to share with us,please contact us. Much appreciate for your listening. See you next week.

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  •  Happy Mid-Autumn Festival- Mid-autumn biscuits
    Oct 7,2020.

    Happy Mid-Autumn Festival- Mid-autumn biscuits The year 2020 is a special year.Mid-Autumn is the same day as National Day. On the evening of September of 30.2020.The annual Mid-Autumn Mid-Autumn biscuits of Liffy was successfully held in Hengxi Hotel,where everyone gathered together to celebrate the festival with melodious sound of dice. General manager made a heart-stirring speech. Then began to Mid-Autumn biscuits activities,everyone was happy to participate in it. The Mid-Autumn biscuits event is an long-term tradition in southern Fujian. Liffy people gather together to celebrate ,hoping that all the family reunion happy,everything goes well. After many rounds of competition,an designer of R&D department won the best prize-TV. The above photos are the different department. Liffy team will be indomitable to forge ahead of the posture,gather force win change,break through the limitations,continue to go ahead. All the Liffy people wish you a happy Mid-Autumn Festival,a happy family,all the best.

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  • The Rise Of Powerful Companies
    Sep 29,2020.

    The Rise Of Powerful Companies As the autumn coming,our general manager Lester share the lesson of《The Rise Of Powerful Companies》 The competition of enterprises is not only products,but also the models of business. Therefore,how to choose the suitable and excellent business models is the most important. The key point of models of business is to use their core capabilities to maximize the value of their final customers. Lester introduce of three part of how to be a powerful company. 1*which kinds of company can be called powerful companies. 2*how to transform and upgrade to promote the rise of Liffy. 3*how to realize the transformation and upgrading. After the learning of course,Lester guide students to discuss about the products,markets,customers and combine with the reality situation of our company,The groups presented their opinions after brainstorming. Each groups all take positive part in the discussion,and team leader to gave their views. At last,Lester had the conclusion that we were ought to guide by the maximization of customer value,and improve product,R&D,sales,lead time,quality,service and so on. All the managers have a same target and direction,broaden their thinking to make their effort to speed up the development of company. keep learning to enrich themselves,speed up the rise of Liffy. We are looking forward to the next lesson.

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  • Garden Decor Stakes
    Sep 4,2020.

    Hello,Today we would like to introduce our garden decor stake for you. [Garden Stakes Decorative Sunflower]: metal outdoor flowers garden stakes decor made from high grade rust-proof metal  Place them in your garden, yard or anywhere you want, they will bring more refreshing feel of nature,light up your garden. [Well-designed]: metal garden flower stakes can be glow in dark. The colorful glass bead absorb sunlight during the day and glows faintly light automatically at night. The garden decor sunflower are connected to the stems by springs, [Easy Installation]: Just insert the metal garden decorations stake into soil or ground. When you receive the product,We took advantage of the Knock Down design,then the item can be divided into 2 or 3 parts.It is easy to installation. [Indoor&Outdoor Use]: It  is a great gift for friends and family. Durable, waterproof and rust-proof, widely use at indoor and outdoor, such as living room, office, kitchen, garden, yard, patio, planter pot and so on. [Tips]: If you have any doubts about the garden decor stake,or you are interested in our products,you can contact us,our professional sales team will handle within 24 hours. Liffy has over 1200 styles of garden decor stake,don't hesitate to contact us if you have anything need our help. See you next week.Have a nice weekend!!!

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  • How to communication?
    Aug 28,2020.

    How to communication? Which capacity is the most important? Professional?sales?language? We think is the communication.We all are the members of the company,during the daily work,we can't not avoid to have communication with our colleagues or other departments. So it comes a question,how to communication to reach out the efficiency? Our General assistant Yuki offer us an good lesson. How to have a correct communication with our colleagues? We all listened carefully at the beginning. Yuki started with a question-a duck wall decor. She invited the sales team be production role,and the production department as sales team role to discuss and solve the question. After different roles to announce their opinions. Yuki had a conclusion,the right communication plays an important role. Each one need to standing in the others position to change their communication language,be knidly,positive to communication,make sure the same target,how to solve the questions efficiency. In the end of the lesson,Yuki shared several communication skills. General manager Lester had important speaking,Lester said the directions of the company,everyone get together to build up self-value and contribute the company construction. Above all is our news,how to communication. If you have communication skills want to share,you can contact us. Thanks, Looking forward to seeing you next week.

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  • Summer Belongs To You!
    Aug 21,2020.

    Summer belongs to you~ Nice day!  Today we would like to share you the exciting news and feelings. How was your summer holiday going on ? You can share with us by leave your email or send to our email. Some of you maybe at work,and some of you were spending the happy and meaningful holiday with your family or friends. Although the serious situation,we all learn a lesson that treasure your time and have a wonderful life with any regret. Be positive!!! There is no point me can not doing this if i can't be myself. Hope you everything goes well. Looking forward to the wonderful future.

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