• About Chinese New Year Holiday Schedule
    Jan 26,2021.

    About Chinese New Year Holiday Schedule Hi,hope you are doing well. Today i would like to talk about Chinese new year holiday schedule. Liffy Houseware Co.,LTD note that  8th Ferburary-19th Ferburary,If you have any questions or need 2021 new design catalog,please email We will reply you within 24 hours. Before the holiday,we are arranging to delivery the products to our clients. Liffy Houseware Co.,LTD also arrange a best new year's eve dinner for the staff who are not going home. Please feel freely to contact us if you have any idea or requirements. Thank you. Wising you have a nice day!

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  • Best Solar Garden Decor
    Jan 20,2021.

    Best Solar Garden Decor The trend of the 2021 is the solar decor. Liffy Houseware Co.,LTD founded in 2004,aims to meet clients requirement and leading the crafts. Liffy has over 30 designers to design and produce excellent decor items. One of the 2021 new program is solar decor. Designers put solar into products,high value and eco-friendly items. Liffy set up an engineer department on Oct,2020,which is specialized in reduce the cost and build up the quality and service life. OEM&ODM is available.Looking forward to hear from your message and designs.   Welcome to inquiry us for 2021 new catalog. You can also find more at   Thank you.

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  • Liffy Showroom Upgarde !
    Jan 14,2021.

    Liffy Showroom Upgarde  Hi,Hope you are doing well. This week,we are honored to show you an exciting news. Liffy showroom upgrade,in this year,we change the styles of products placement. Liffy Houseware Co.,LTD is doing the several new program,and we are finding the new way to show the products to our clients. One way is like that,home decoration display. The other way is scene effect,let our clients know items clearly.  If you are interested in our showroon,please inquiry us and know more new 2021 designs. Many Thanks.

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  • Happy New Year
    Jan 6,2021.

    Happy New Year Firstlly,Happy New Year,it is 2021 year. The company completed the final version of the year-end summary and the goals for the beginning of the year. On January 5th, General Manager Lester held a three-hour meeting with nearly 50 people in the R&D department, business department, and supply chain management department. They summarized the year 2020 and discussed the new year's 2021 The overall company direction was promoted, new company rules and regulations and incentive systems were formulated. Under the direction of the company, all departments should unite as one, go forward hand in hand, work hard, and display their value in the new year to contribute to the growth of the company. In particular, a number of performance reward mechanisms that are beneficial to the business have been added to develop customers more efficiently and actively and serve customers well. The R&D department, supply chain management department, and production department will also assist and cooperate with the business department to meet customer needs in a comprehensive and efficient manner when the work of their respective departments is completed efficiently. The new year means a new beginning. We at Liffy will certainly live up to expectations, unite as one, and grow and progress together with our customers.

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  • Countdown to 2021
    Dec 29,2020.

    Countdown to 2021 For the December,all the employees of Liffy Houseware Co.,LTD is formulating plans and goals for 2021. At the beginning of January 2021,the exactly plans and goals of 2021 is define. We look back 2020,try our best toward to 2021. Liffy aims to meet all the customers requirements,base on design,samples,production. We take advantage of new and popular way to show our products into customers,which benefit for clients to know and see more products instead of face to face. 2020 is a special year,but 2021 is more mysterious and wonderful. Say goodbye to 2020 and look forward to 2021.

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  • Liffy 2020 Cultural and Creative Product Design Theme Research Activities
    Dec 25,2020.

    Liffy 2020 Cultural and Creative Product Design Theme Research Activities Based on the principle of "complementary advantages, resource sharing, mutual benefit and common development", the School of Art and Design of Quanzhou Normal University and Quanzhou Liffy Houseware Co., Ltd. have established a school-enterprise cooperation relationship. Cooperation. Relying on the "Cultural and Creative Product Design" course of the 2019 undergraduate class of product design major of Quanzhou Normal University, the product design project of Liffy Home Furnishing is introduced into the course to conduct research and development practice of cultural and creative product design. On December 16th, more than 30 teachers and students majoring in product design from Quanzhou Normal University visited Liffy for the first cultural and creative product design theme research activity. First of all, General Manager Lester, on behalf of Liffy , expressed a warm welcome to the teachers and students of the normal school and opened the project kick-off meeting. Mr. Wu from Quanzhou Normal University and Mr. Lin, general manager of Liffy Houseware Co.,LTD, shared courses with students on the current design concepts and development directions of cultural and creative products. Later, the R&D manager Zhang, the design supervisor Jack and other members of the R&D department led the students to visit the sample room of Liffy, and walked into the production site workshop to understand the production process of the company’s products, and gave the students a detailed explanation during the process. Analyzing the needs of the market and the design concept of the product, and patiently answering the various questions of the students, the students benefited a lot. After a half-day visit and study, the students had a preliminary understanding of the company's product design direction and production process. I hope that students can use innovative thinking, keep up with the trend of the times, give full play to their talents, apply what they have learned, improve their practical ability, and create design works that meet market needs. Through school-enterprise cooperation, the resources of Liffy and Quanzhou Normal University can complement each other, cultivate more young talents, and provide strategic reserves of talents for the company's development.

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  • Liffy 2021 new annual target plan
    Dec 16,2020.

    Liffy 2021 new annual target plan At the beginning of December,Liffy Houseware Co,LTD is making a year-end summary and the goal plan of 2021. As we all know,this year economy affected by COVID-19. Each country and area took positive attitude toward this serious situation. Everything has changed,while everything will goes well,We believe that. Liffy each departments are based on present,set 2021 goals. Everyone of Liffy aims to contribute self power to build up and expand Liffy. Chinese sayings: With a big goal in his chest, Taishan never bends down The most important thing in life is to have a lofty goal and use talent and persistence to accomplish it. —— Goethe Remember the goals,try our best to achieve,realize person value. Do you set your 2021 goals? Welcome to leave a message and communicate. Inquiry now for latest new designs.

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  • Liffy 2021 New Designs
    Dec 8,2020.

    Liffy 2021 New Designs Time goes so fast,It is December,2020 is closely to ends. Liffy has a professional R&D department, excellent and experienced designers,they are based on the knowledge of home&garden decor,combine with the requirements of clients. Then the wonderful designs come out. 2021 New Designs project was finished in November. If you are buyer or interested in home&garden decor,you can contact us to learn more about Liffy 2021 New Designs. Our sales will reply you within 24 hours. Liffy 2021 new designs covers home&garden decor,solar decor,holiday decor. Over 1000 stylish decor designs,start to inquiry for 2021 new designs. We are waiting for you. You can directly inquiry via : Or click the website banner of Contact Us. You can also follow our weekly updates. Thank you. Have a nice day!

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