• Septermber News-Liffy
    Sep 23,2021.

    September is close to the end. Today we are going to share you several Liffy news. 1. In peak season, the production delivery date is in the middle of January, 2022 2. The design and proofing department completed the new design and proofing of the festival Last month, the total turnover of this year has exceeded the total turnover of last year 4. The Company also continues to recruit talent We are warmly welcomed to have nice communication with you.

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  • Mid-Autumn Festival 2021
    Sep 16,2021.

    Mid-Autumn Festival 2021 Mid-Autumn Festival is appraoching. There are two news share with you. 1.Mid-Autumn Festival,Levy provide a set of moon cake to the clients and employees for celebrating. 2.Levy ecommerce company Brand Liffy is expanding and moving to new office. You can purchase in our online shop. Thanks for your listening. Warmly welcomed for contacting us.

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  • 2022 Spring Summer Collections
    Sep 7,2021.

    2022 Spring Summer Collections  Levy Houseware Co.,LTD founded in 2004,expert in designing and manufacturing home&garden&seasonal decor. This week ended of the design of holiday decor items,at the same time begin garden decor of 2022 spring summer collections design and produce. We collection the idea and requirements of clients,combine with the fashion trend. We have 7 designers,over 30 members of sample producer. OEM is available. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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  • Liffy News of September
    Sep 1,2021.

    Liffy News of September There is an old saying in China,gold nine silver ten. September is the harvest season. Now it is enter the peak season of decor field. Levy's production schedule is at the end of December.If you have order request please inquiry to place in advance. The week,Levy has undergone an annual BSCI factory audit. Also our company expand the recruitment of employees due to the surge in orders. Please pay attention on our latest news,welcome to communicate with you.

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  • Home&Garden&Seasonal Decor Manufacturer-Liffy
    Aug 27,2021.

    Home&Garden&Seasonal Decor Manufacturer-Liffy  Hi Dear, Time goes by,it is the end of August. Today I am going to provide latest news of Liffy. As you know,We are a manufacturer of home&garden decor,seasonal decor,over 17 years experience. Looking forward to hearing your comments. Christmas+Halloween+Harvest+Easter Decor collections of 2022,the project was finished. Our R&D department are design and develop products,if you have customized inquiry,welcome to contact us. We have some simple and modern design,resin material,welcome to contact us to learn more. In the peak season,welcome to inquiry us,we will reply within 24 hours.

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  • Second Fire Drill-Liffy
    Aug 18,2021.

    Second Fire Drill-Liffy On the afternoon of August 13, 2021, the company organized the second fire protection knowledge lecture and fire safety drill in 2021. Lester, the general manager of the company, attaches great importance to fire safety management and requires all management personnel of the company to participate in this event. In this fire-fighting training for all staff, Chief Officer Chen of the Fire Brigade in Licheng District, Quanzhou City, held fire-fighting knowledge lectures and guided on-site fire drills. At 17:00-17:45 in the afternoon of the same day, the company organized various departments and supervisors at all levels to participate in fire safety knowledge and practical operation training in the conference room on the fourth floor, and made careful arrangements and arrangements for fire drills. At 17:50 in the afternoon of the same day, each security guard issued an alarm signal, and after hearing the instructions, each drill team quickly arrived in place. Volunteer firefighters and staff who participated in the drill, in the shortest time, in the office buildings, workshops, stairwells and safety exits, through the use of passwords and hand gestures, direct the employees to evacuate from the designated route in an orderly manner, quickly and orderly Go to the safe area (the playground in front of the company office building). The fire drill was carried out in an orderly and intense manner in accordance with the predetermined plan. The exercise included the use of dry powder fire extinguishers for on-site fire fighting and the operation of fire hoses. After the drill, Staff Officer Chen of the Fire Brigade explained fire safety emergency operations and fire escape skills to all employees, how to correctly report to the police, put out fires, evacuate, and how to save themselves and escape. Finally,Lester made a general comment on the fire drill, fully affirmed the results of the drill, praised the employees for obeying the command and acting quickly, and asked everyone to further improve their awareness of responsibility for safe production. It is necessary to put safety in production first, and apply the learned fire fighting knowledge to life and work in practice. In the future, the company will continue to increase fire safety management work to build a safe and harmonious working and living environment.

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  • Liffy August 2021 News
    Aug 10,2021.

    Hello everyone, Hope you are well. This is the second week of August. This week I will bring you some latest News from Liffy. 1.Due to the peak season,glass production line delivery date is in the Mid of December. 2.The new design for the seasaonal decor of 2022 has been completed,welcome to inquiry us to learn more. 3.Raw material cost is still increasing. 4.All the clients has placed order in advanced. Looking forward to hear from you,welcome to have communication with you.

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  • Liffy News of August
    Aug 4,2021.

    Liffy News of August  Thanks for reading Liffy News of August. Today I would like to share you news of Liffy. 1.The raw material is still rising,plus peak season.The deilvery date is in December. 2.If you are urgent to sell,you can contact us to learn more hot items in our stock. Range from bird feeder,bird bath,wall decor,wind spinner,garden stake,table decor. 3.Liffy expand a new 1000 square meters warehouse to storage. Because of this year,all the supermarket placed 3 times order more than before. 4.Our sales team will do the spoken language of the product every week to strength conversation,offer more efficiency and professional service to clients. Any news of Liffy or the field,please freely to contact us to learn more. Thanks.Best wishes!

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