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Now that you have clicked here for more details about our metal with glass products making process, I hope we could make you understand how there is a product made. The introduction maybe, would be a longer than you expected, with patient you will learn how.

First of all, Liffy has two materials producing line. Metal, glass. If a product is made of metal and glass, then we will start and open hardware process and glass process at the same time. If there is only one material like glass, then we just need to open the glass workshop production line.

Hardware production workshop: as below photo shown:

 Below are some detailed explanation for the main processes:

1. Pipe cutting: Pipe length and thickness will be cut according to the sample provided by machine.

2. Welding: the workers will weld the stamping parts and pipes together by hand on a machine.

3. Powder coating: before coloring, metal parts will go for a powder coating in order for anti-rust and make a bottom color on the surface ready for painting. After powder coating we will do pickling on metal.

4. Metal Painting: At this stage, metal parts will be painted by experienced workers according to the sample color. after painting, the metal parts will be carried to semi-finished product area and ready for packing.


Glass Line: see below photos shown:

Below are some detailed explanation for the process:

1. Glass Mold sculpting: Every same glass piece is made by a ceramic mold. First of all we will make a glass mold,

glass mold is sculpted by hand with kind a mud, and mold engineer will use ceramic to burn a mold.

2. Glass cutting: the raw glass is cut by automatic machine totally. With machine, a total of 2000—4000peices of various sizes glass could be finished each 24 hours.

3. Hot Melting: Cutting glass pieces will be put onto the ceramic mold and go around a circle on hot melting machine.

4. Glass painting: It is an ordinary process. Painting workers will color on the back side, so it is safe for food on the glass upside.


Standard inspecting and packing process:

It is no more words for the three processes. They are easy to understand…

But what our factory differs to others is our inspectors checks certain ratio of the mass products before shipment.

If defective products are over limited quantity, then the bulk products will be go back for reworking.




Here are some photos that you may like to …:

1-glass cutting:

2- hardware—welding

3. machine printing (only for flat glass. Like plant stand or glass plaques).

4-semi-finished product like glass part on quality checking process.

My friends, if you are curious more than our expectation and want to get more professional knowledge about the garden metal and glass crafts like bird feeder, bird bath, glass humming bird feeder. You can just email me and my mail is Aleck, I will write back to you. Also we have factory video on this website, you can have a check there.

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