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Liffy Ladybug Bird Feeder Proposal Line

Jul 30,2020.

Ladybug Bird Feeder


Hope you are well recently.

Do you like birds ?Do you like ladybug ?

This is an ladybug title of products proposal.

Our R&D department take the advantage of cute ladybug into garden decoration.

As the above picture show,several cute and practical decoration,like bird feeder,garden stake,wind chime,solar decor.

Hanging ladybug design bird feeder Ladybug Bird Feeder

Today i would like to introduce three styles of bird feeder with ladybug design.

Hanging ladybug design bird feeder is made of metal,painting,metal welding etc producing process.

You can easy to put the bird food like sunflower into the metal mesh,we design a flexible button,open it then fill up with the bird food.

Then hang on the tree branch,birds will come to your garden.they will spice up your garden.

If you are interested in the ladybug design decoration, you can contact us to get the catalogue.

We don't get a chance to do that many things, and every one should be really excellent.


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