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How to communication?

Aug 28,2020.

How to communication?

Which capacity is the most important?


We think is the communication.We all are the members of the company,during the daily work,we can't not avoid to have communication with our colleagues or other departments.

So it comes a question,how to communication to reach out the efficiency?

Our General assistant Yuki offer us an good lesson.

How to have a correct communication with our colleagues?

We all listened carefully at the beginning.

Yuki started with a question-a duck wall decor.

She invited the sales team be production role,and the production department as sales team role to discuss and solve the question.

After different roles to announce their opinions.

Yuki had a conclusion,the right communication plays an important role.

Each one need to standing in the others position to change their communication language,be knidly,positive to communication,make sure the same target,how to solve the questions efficiency.

In the end of the lesson,Yuki shared several communication skills.

General manager Lester had important speaking,Lester said the directions of the company,everyone get together to build up self-value and contribute the company construction.

Above all is our news,how to communication.

If you have communication skills want to share,you can contact us.


Looking forward to seeing you next week.

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