Sample Team
Design Team

Now Liffy has 6 excellent designers, 2 HK designers and 1 Philippines designer and 3 Chinese designers.


This design team are able to stably finish about 60-70 designs each week and around 3600 qualified design artworks.

Our capacity of the self-development is 3600 pieces each year, and 11000 pieces of making samples for customer requirement.


Now we have more than 50 patents including design, knowledge and copyright.

Each year we have 5-10 patterns to be registered.


This year, we will produce samples based on below strategy, each factor will be a whole theme which including every function like bird feeder hanging, bird bath, garden lantern, garden stake, garden wind spinners and some other related garden used items. This development strategy is also helpful for the samples shown in the fairs or in our showrooms.

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