First of all, Liffy passes related factory audits asked by supermarkets and obeys operating regulations set by government. Secondly, strict controlling on each part of the production plus ongoing improved customer service.

With such satisfying basic build up, there’s coming of the supermarket’s orders.

For the below list you could view our audits:

1. BSCI 2020 LEVEL C



4. Environmental management system certification

5. Occupational health and safety management system certification

6. Certificate of quality management system


Hobby Lobby, each year places order of garden wind spinners, bird baths, bird feeders and some other kinds of product we highly recommended.

Lowe’s always places order of our beautiful hand painting bird bath before Chinese New Year. They have bought the same bird bath design over and over again in recent 4 years which reflect our qualified product and awesome service.

Below photo showing that our bird bath order was at inspecting process by third party.

Before every client come to us, we would make sure every aspect satisfied. When the clients are leaving, we’ll have photos together for memory. We treat clients like our family numbers, show them to our workshops around and introduce history of Liffy to them.


We are able to pick you up from the railway station in Quanzhou, and also in Quanzhou airport to our factory.


Thank you.



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